Sauna that can operate in Finnish or infrared mode, an open lounge area with barbecue, and a sunbathing area are also offered to guests of Villa Agata. All within the greenery of house surrounding, here you may enjoy the quiet wellness-like atmosphere. A big part of a memorable holiday in private accommodation in Croatia are not only the apartment and the points of interest of a destination. Also a big factor is leisure time and activities in the yard and amenities around the house. With such a setting, it is also possible to throw a party or a dinner party for up to about 15 people. Such events however must be arranged and agreed to by all of the current house guests and the owner. Whole sauna and lounge area is covered by high speed Wifi signal. Amenities are available to guests of all apartments of the villa.


桑拿浴肯定可以让你一天值得一假期在夏季阴天的情况下,或者如果你没有在夏季入住的。 桑拿浴位于外侧的木甲板,从房子约20米,旁边的休息区。 您可以使用红外线或芬兰选项带加热石头的选择。 桑拿浴可容纳在一个时间6人。 设有温水淋浴也可通过桑拿浴室。


Dining outside or just having drinks with the family, or group that are staying in the house can make the best of holiday memories. Open summer kitchen and dining area with table and chairs is positioned close to the lounge area on a lawn and also has a stone barbecu. Dining table is able to take more than one family in a round seating.