Rab Croatia sums up all that you may imagine relating to a European island family holiday. While holidays in Croatia are increasingly becoming recognised as the best option for central European countries, so is the topic of Croatia’s best destinations a hot subject. Destinations like Dubrovnik, Split or Istra as transit points naturally receive more traffic but when it comes to choosing a relaxed family holiday by the sea, Croatian islands definitely take the lead.

Not only is the growing choice of holiday leisure facilities, sports or gastronomical events a deciding factor, but a feeling of being away from the rush of continental living. So, here at only a few hours driving distance from Munich or Venice, there is an exotic getaway place with a taste of traditional or medieval. A historical whirlwind of changing rulerships and kingdoms has left it’s trace here and it is visible in architecture, food and also in people. From times of Venice to Rome to Austro-Hungary to recent history, each place, including the islands has collected a mark of.

Most popular and visited by tourists are the Four towers (churches) in the midst of the stone walls of the old town of Rab. From the top of those towers, it is possible to observe the entire town and neighbouring islands like Pag. As well as the Benedictine monastery from 11th century, now the Church of St. Peter, in the middle of Supetarska Draga bay.

Rab town and the island is just one of those places with multilayered history, and present. It has transformed from the Venetian, Austro-Hungarian and even Greek naval and commercial transit station to a tourist destination that it is today.

Starting as early as 120 years ago, Rab was recognised by Austrian and Brittish aristocracy as a place for holidays. King Edward VIII made naturism popular and unique to Rab Croatia and it lasts to this day.

Earning in the Roman times a nickname of “Felix Arba” (in Latin), meaning “Happy Rab”, there was already an association of spending a carefree season here.

Probably the most distinguishing factor that is making Rab Croatia a top holiday destination are the beaches. Truly there is no other island on the Adriatic with such a range of sandy to pebble to rocky beaches all around. If you prefer a crowded beach with lots of activities or a completely desolate one you’ll find both. Perhaps you like a completely desolate rocky one, go to Kalifront, or a desolate sandy beach, go to North Lopar. A desolate sandy or rocky and FKK (naturist) that is also pets friendly? no problem. Shallow sandy beaches, suitable for children, not too crowded, and perfect for learning to swim, go to Kampor or Supetarska Draga.

Diving schools and diving centres are also commonplace here and you will find those in places like Gonar (Donja Supetarska Draga), and Kampor. Fishing tours, and boat tours to neighbouring islands or around Rab island to visit desolate beaches are very popular. Tours usually include a day trip as well as meals on board.Renting a boat for yourself can be very easy, depending on the type and strength of motor that you require. Such boat rentals, as well as jetski rentals, can be found all across Rab island.

Som för kvällen liv kan rikedom sommarevenemang knappast lämnar någon besviken. Även om huvudsommarfestivalen ”Rapska Fjera” bara varar i tre dagar från 25 juli, bör man inte missa en vecka eller i vissa perioder dagligen ”Fiske festivaler” i stort sett alla delar av ön. Kvällen och nattliv i den gamla staden kommer att tillfredsställa alla smaker. Nattklubbar och barer allt från jazzklubbar, som ”Moderato” till Latino eller kubanska ( ”Banova vila”), till klassisk eller modern som ”Gamla stan Bar” rätt vid hamnen i Rab. Beach nattklubbar är öppna för dem som gillar hela natten underhållning, och du hittar dem på platser som stranden Pudarica ( ”Santos”) eller i Lopar ( ”Bamboocho”).

Sammanfattningsvis allt upp, med dagliga aktiviteter eller bara fritid på stränderna, till sommarkvällarna i gamla stan, en kan inte gå fel med att välja Rab Kroatien för en familjesemester.