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stinica rab ferry price

If you’re planning a trip to this stunning Croatian destination, you won’t want to miss out on the ferry from Port Stinica. In this article you’ll find essential information you need to know about this ferry service. The journey to Rab Island begins at Port Stinica, where you’ll board the ferry that will take you across the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. This scenic 15-minute ride offers spectacular views of the coastline and surrounding islands, setting the stage for an unforgettable island adventure.


Stinica Rab ferry line (Stinica – Misnjak) is the most frequent and main ferry line dedicated to guests and locals. Ferry connects island Rab from ferry port MISNJAK to port STINICA on land coastline under the Velebit mountain. To check Stinica Rab ferry price and the schedule scroll to ferry schedule and the price list. Ferry port Stinica hosts ferries that go only to port Misnjak on Rab island and to no other destinations. All ferries in Croatia operate in a similar way with a year-round schedule and prices dependent depend on season. There are a number of car ferries in operation at each time during high season so waiting time would be reduced.

Each car ferry to is able to take a big number of cars, and other vehicles from the line at the port so there are usually no long lines along the road. Ferries to Rab island from Stinica are scheduled for voyage about every 30 minutes during the high season. Traffic is significantly less frequent out of summer season. A trip one way to island Rab from Stinica takes about 20 minutes. Upon arrival to port Stinica as you park your car in the line you will have to buy the ticket in the ticket booth. Tickets can be paid by cash or credit card before it is time to enter the boat where you will show the ticket upon entering the car ferry Rab. Stinica Rab ferry price list shows prices that depend on sizes of vehicles and number of persons in the vehicle. Average price for car transfer one way for a small family is about 30-40 EUR. At ferry port Stinica while waiting, you can find a couple of fast food stands and cafe’s as well as public toilet.