Rab island ferry schedule and prices


Is it more convenient for you to take a Rab island ferry from Krk (port Valbiska) or Stinica on land? Ferry port Stinica has a much busier schedule with ferries operating every 30-40 minutes during summer season. Krk to Rab ferry has less traffic and only a few trips per day along with prices being higher, however according to your location and travel plan, it might sometimes be more convenient.


Getting to Villa Agata in Supetarska Draga (Gonar) takes about 20-30 minutes from either ferry port Lopar or Misnjak. To check our location on the island or calculate your travel route, you may use the map below:


Travelling to Croatia and island Rab by car would be a recommended way, but of course it depends on the distance. Starting from Germany, Hungary, Italy or Austria, it is indeed not an exceedingly exhausting trip. From Munich in Germany you can get to Rab in about 8 hours, including the car ferry voyage. From Venice, Italy, it will take you about 5 hours, and from Graz in Austria also about 5 hours. Advantage of travelling by car is of course the possibility of taking more stuff and items for your holiday. Also, it is recommended to have a car on Rab for whereabouts, as local public transportation is scarce, especially in Supetarska Draga – Gonar. Depending on your Croatia travel route, you may choose between two Rab ferry ports that can take your car to the island.


Main ferry line to Rab is “Stinica – Misnjak”, and it has the largest amount of traffic, as well as the busiest schedule on hourly basis, with destination port “Misnjak” on Rab island. You may want to check Rab ferry timetable before. Waiting line at Stinica Rab ferry port is usually not too long, even in high season because the number of ferry boats that operate is increased. You will have to buy a ticket in the ticket booth before the voyage. A ticket costs about 25 – 30 Eur depending on the size of car and number of persons. Voyage to Rab island takes about 20 minutes and is pretty enjoyable and panoramic.


If your route takes you through island Krk, or you are visiting Krk or coming via Krk airport, then your Rab island ferry line of choice would be “Valbiska – Lopar”. Lopar is a part of Rab on the North West side of the island. Port Valbiska on Krk has not so many scheduled voyages through the day, and it takes about 1.5 hours for Krk to Rab ferry to get to Lopar. So if you will be using this ferry line, it is advisable to plan your Croatia travel times well in advance. However the ferry boat is larger and has more facilities, like the snacks bar and Wifi. You may also observe the coast of islands Krk and Cres along the way. You may also want to check the timetable for Rab island ferry “Valbiska – Lopar”. A voyage will cost you about 30 – 40 Eur based on the size of car and number of persons travelling.


Once you confirm your reservation in Villa Agata, we will send you detailed driving directions and consult you on the best options for travel if you require more information. Villa Agata is located in the West part of the island in Donja (lower) Supetarska Draga. Don’t confuse this with Gornja (upper) Supetarska Draga that is the North part of the Supetarska Draga (bay). Gonar is a smaller part of Donja Supetarska Draga, and it’s also centered around a smaller bay – Gonar bay or beach. Street address is Donja Supetarska Draga 355.


It takes about 20 minutes from ferry port Misnjak on Rab to Villa Agata. You will drive for 10 kilometers in direction of the town of Rab. Before entering the town, make a right turn toward Supetarska Draga or Lopar. After 5 km, when you pass through Mundanije and the Church of St. Peter in Supetarska Draga, make a left turn toward Donja Supetarska Draga, or Gonar. You will see restaurant “Antonius” by the crossroad. Continue for 2,5 km and then make a left turn toward restaurants “More” or “Gonar”. Don’t go all the way to the restaurants, but after 200 meters uphill turn right. Now continue straight for another 300 meters and you are there.


If you choice was Rab island ferry from Krk, when you exit the car ferry in Lopar, continue for about 1 km until you arrive to a roundabout. Turn right on the roundabout and continue by the ACI yacht marina and through Gornja Supetarska Draga for 6 kilometers until you arrive by the restaurant “Antonius”. Here make a right turn toward Donja Supetarska Draga or Gonar. Continue for 2,5 km until you arrive to a crossroad where you will see signboards for restaurants “Gonar” and “More”. Go in direction of the restaurants for 200 m, but make a right turn at the top of the hill. Now drive for another 300 meters and you are there.


From Rab town first start going in direction of Rab ferry port Misnjak or “Barbat”. Then soon after exiting town, take a left turn toward Supetarska Draga or Lopar. Now continue for 5 kilometers through “Mundanije” and when you pass by the Church of St. Peter in Supetarska Draga, make a left turn in direction of “Gonar” or “Donja Supetarska Draga”. You will also see restaurant “Antonius” there by the crossroad. Continue for another 2,5 km until you arrive to a crossroad by the sea, where you’ll see signboards for restaurants “More” and “Gonar”. Start in direction of the restaurants but make a right turn sooner, after 200 m up the hill. Now go on for another 300 meters and you are there.


One of the ways to get to island Rab is through nearest airports. It is advisable however to have a car during holidays on island Rab so the best option is to rent a car right at the airport. Without a car, there is simply not many alternatives to getting around the island, or visiting the town of Rab. That is unless you are using a boat or yacht. It takes about 25 minutes to get by car from one side of Rab island to the other. Local public transportation options are very limited, so there are only a couple of daily busses operating regularly to get to town Rab or Lopar for example from Supetarska Draga – Gonar.


Nearest airport to Rab and Villa Agata is Krk-Rijeka airport (RJK). It takes only about 25 km driving distance from the airport to island Rab BUT you will have to take Rab island ferry from Krk. So all together, if you arrive at the time of scheduled Krk to Rab ferry (Valbiska – Lopar), it will take about 2 hours to get to Rab. From the airport first you have to drive to ferry port “Valbiska” on Krk. Car ferry from Valbiska goes to second Rab ferry port “Lopar”. Voyage by boat takes about one and a half hours. At the ferry port you have to buy a ticket and wait in line. Usually in the season Valbiska is not too crowded as it is not the primary ferry port going to Rab. Ferry ticket costs about 30 – 40 Eur depending on the size of your car and number of persons. There are four daily voyages offered by this ferry line and you may check them Rab island ferry from Krk schedule


It is possible to rent a car and use it right at the airport by reserving a car in advance. Also it is possible to drop off your rented car on another Croatian airport upon departure, like in Zadar, Dubrovnik or Zagreb.


Regular flights to Croatia’s Krk-Rijeka airport are from these cities: London, Oslo, Bristol, Innsbruck, Stuttgart, Stockholm, Barcelona, Moscow, Kiev, Tel Aviv, Munich, Berlin, Bonn, Goteborg, Hannover, Kosice, Bern etc.


Second Croatian airport in driving distance from Villa Agata and Rab island is Zadar airport in North Dalmatia. It will take you about 3 hours of driving to get to Villa Agata on island Rab if you’re driving by land through Starigrad and the Rab ferry port Stinica. Another option is to take another route from Zadar and drive through island Pag going through the town of Pag as well. This will make a trip more colourful but you will then have to take the car ferry from Pag to land, and then again from land to Rab. Ferry line from land to island Pag is called “Prizna – Zigljen”. Ferry port Zigljen is on island Pag and Prizna on land. There are no car ferry lines directly from island Pag to island Rab. There is however a catamaran (fast boat) for passengers only, going from town Novalja on Pag to the town of Rab directly. If you are taking the route via Pag island it will take you about 3,5 hours to get to Rab.


At airport Zadar it is also possible to pick up a car from rental and reserving in advance. Also it is possible to drop off your car in another airport in Croatia upon departure, like in Krk, Pula or Zagreb.


Zadar airport has increasingly a bigger number of connections to European towns. Flights to Croatia operate regularly from Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt, Dublin, London, Manchester etc.


It has recently become possible to leave a yacht or boat at a pier only 300 meters from Villa Agata. There is not a small number of visitors to Rab who use their boats to get to any location on the island, from town of Rab to various secluded beaches. Guests on yachts and boats arriving from Italy often choose such an option. In fact, it is not easy to visit some of the beaches, unless you are using a boat or yacht. Some of those beaches are on peninsula Kalifront, where traffic and building is forbidden to protect the forest. Also the North part of peninsula Lopar where the largest sandy beaches on Rab are located. Pier with a mooring for your boat is equipped with electricity and water and it has to be reserved in advance. It is located in the midst of sandy beach Gonar, right next to a large restaurant and cafe “More”. In case you are interested in this option, we may organise a mooring place for you, as well as pick you up from the boat, and upon departure. A fee for mooring is paid directly to the pier owner.
If you are arriving by boat or yacht, we will be happy to pick you up from the location of your boat, as well as drive you to your boat upon departure.