Rab Croatia supermarkets, fish market and shopping

Croatia supermarkets on island Rab, fish market options and shopping

Choice of Rab Croatia supermarkets includes several major supermarket chains like Konzum, Plodine and Tommy.


Most visitors to island Rab are not staying in the town of Rab, but rather in one of the many regions like Supetarska Draga, Kampor or Lopar. These parts of the island have their smaller grocery stores and also supermarkets, but if you’re looking for the fish or fresh vegetable market, you will have to get closer to the town of Rab. Some of the leading chains of Croatia upermarkets are on the island, like Konzum, Plodine, Tommy and Petra. You may find their stores across the island. If you’re staying in Kampor, a large supermarket Tommy is the closest, followed by Konzum’s “Cash and Carry”. In Lopar, you’ll find a large Konzum near the main crossroad in the center. If you’re staying in Donja Supetarska Draga, a Konzum supermarket is available by the port, and likewise in Gornja Supetarska Draga. For a larger supermarket, you’ll have to go to Plodine on the way to town. Plodine is also one of the largest chains of Croatia supermarkets.


Just before entering the town at the roundabout, you’ll see a shopping street with cafe’s and newer buildings called “Sarengrad”. The main street of Sarengrad extends straight from the roundabout, and you an also find here 4 bakeries, gelaterias, shops including a shopping centre with clothing stores, and a furniture store. On the other side of the main Sarengrad square, you will find a market as well as the fishmarket. If you’re looking for nautical equipment like marine parts, or fishing gear, you will find what you’re looking for in Sarengrad’s nautical equipment store “Nobimar”. Also there is “Aurani”, a store near the town’s ACI marina inside the port of Rab, and close to the petrol station.


Fish market at Sarengrad is also island Rab’s main fishmarket and here you can get your fresh fish, vegetables from producers on the island, cheeses, eggs. Two butchers are also there in the market zone. For best results you should get there early in the morning, when the biggest choice of fish, squid, mussels and vegetables is available.


The other shopping street is Srednja ulica (Middle Street), in the centre of old town, but there you will find more boutiques, and tourist related product stores.