Pool, jacuzzi and sauna apartments in Rab Villa Agata


Croatia pool holidays on Rab with plenty of beaches in vicinity sounds and is truly relaxing. With saltwater pool and jacuzzi, sauna (infrared & finnish), and outdoor barbecue lounge it can be even more fun.


Villa Agata offers all these facilities in the courtyard. Fireplace can also be used for barbecue as well as for cooking next to the outdoor kitchen and dining area. All outdoor facilities are considered common areas, which means that guests of all apartments use them. The homeowner will provide operational information and assistance at any time while at home or through contact.


Swimming pool with adjoined jacuzzi is the latest addition to choice of spa facilities available for your holiday at Villa Agata. Pool is conveniently positioned right next to the sauna. Shape appears as connected triple circles of different sizes. Deep part has 150 cm depth, shallow part 80 cm suitable for children. Jacuzzi has diameter of about 190 cm with a round seating and a waterfall. Construction of this reinforced concrete swimming pool took careful attention to choosing top quality materials. For that purpose materials used are both durable and non-toxic. Care was taken to keep a healthy environment for our guests. For that reason pool finish coating consists of glass beads mixed with natural river pebbles, all mixed in with pool plaster.

Final pool plaster besides glass beads and pebbles consists of fine white quartz sand, enforced and sealed with a sealer based on “waterglass”. This type of final coating produces a top layer with anti-carbonation and antacid qualities. Waterglass basically emulates glass when cured, and is completely non-toxic. Additives and materials based on Polyvinyl chloride like commonly used PVC pool liner were avoided for this pool. Ceramics were also not used because of the specific circular shape of the pool. Since walls are round and inclined there are basically no straight lines where ceramic tiles or mosaic could be applied.

Jacuzzi with hydromassage jets can provide for 3-4 people at a time. Four of those massage jets are Venturi air jets that combine water and air for a bubble affect including one floor jet for a foot massage with bubbles.
Pool uses salt water where the appropriate amount of chlorine is generated by salt chlorine generator. Using salt in this way avoids direct chlorination of water with tablets. Salt water in a swimming pool is considered much easier and softer on the skin, as well as lighter for swimming and floating.


Sauna can certainly make your holiday better in case of a rainy summer day or in case you are not staying during peak summer season. Outdoor sauna is positioned outside on a wooden deck, about 10 meters from the house and next to the lounge area. You have a choice of using infrared mode (up to 55 °C), or Finnish mode (up to 90 °C) with heated rocks. You may use some of the etheric herbs that we have next to the sauna. One can place Lavender, Mint, Rosemary and Immortelle leaves in a pot with water above the Finnish sauna heater. Sauna can accommodate up to 5 persons at a time. A shower is also available next to the sauna.


Outdoor lounge area with a large round dining table for up to 12 persons gives a great setting for evening barbecue gathering. Barbecue firepit positioned next to the kitchen and lounge, can be used for grilling or also cooking outdoors. Kettle placed above the fire can be used for cooking. This firepit is very popular among our guests as it can be used also just for an evening in the lounge by the fire. Enough sunbathing chairs are also available around the lawn. All within the greenery of olive trees and vines in the house surrounding, here you may enjoy relaxation with your family. With such a setting, it is possible to throw a party or a dinner for up to about 15 people. Such events however must be agreed to and arranged to not disturb the quiet time of other possible guests. Entire pool, lounge area and sauna is covered by high speed Wifi signal for your convenience.